It’s Baby Bath Time!

Baby’s first bath. It can be a little unnerving, especially if you are a new mother and never given a newborn a bath. Don’t worry though, you’ll do just fine. Mothers have been giving babies a bath since the beginning of time. Today is much safer with all the new types of tubs designed just for infants and toddlers. And many babies love getting a bath!

Your newborn should just get sponge baths for the first couple of weeks at home or until the umbilical cord heals. Since your baby doesn’t need a bath every day, you can give sponge baths twice a week or as often as you feel is necessary. It is important to go ahead and gather everything you will need before you start. And here is the equipment you will need to bath a newborn:

* 1. thick towels or a sponge-type bath cushion
* 2. soft washcloths
* 3. bath seat for basin or sink
* 4. cotton balls
* 5. baby shampoo and baby soap (non-irritating)
* 6. hooded baby towel
* 7. clean diaper and clothing

Make sure the room you are using is warm (around 75 degrees F). Place a non-skid cushion or towel at the bottom of the seat/tub so your baby will not slide around (little ones are very slippery). Run warm water (between 90 to 100 degrees or warm to the inside of your wrist) into the sink/tub. Gently undress your baby while talking in a soothing voice, explaining what you are doing. Place the baby in the water slowly.

Start with the face with just a little bit of baby soap. Next, wash the head, and continue moving downwards. When bathing your baby, make sure to clean the following areas (and creases) thoroughly: neck, ears, buttocks and groin area. Try not to get the umbilical cord area wet; gently clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. And if your son is circumcised, try not to move the foreskin back when cleaning the groin area. Once you have the front clean, then finish with the back side.

Dry your baby thoroughly and then dress them. Make sure the head is completely dry. The first time may take a little bit of time because they will squirm and they are very slippery. But never take your hands off your baby. Once you both get used to this routine, it will be extremely easy. Have fun!

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