Have a New Born in the Family? Here are Some Easy Ways to Save Money

Boca Raton, FL – Everyone knows the cost of raising a child has dramatically increased throughout the years. With all the new styles of clothing, diapers and kinds of baby food, these items are more expensive than they once were. Here are a few simple ways to save.


The first and easiest way to save money is breastfeeding. Besides all the natural benefits of breastfeeding, it will save you thousands of dollars yearly on buying baby formula.

Make Your Own Baby Food

When you are shopping down the baby isle at your local grocery store, baby food does not seem that expensive. But, what people do not realize is how little food and how much water is actually in the jar. You can buy apples to make homemade apple sauce. You can mash bananas, pears and peaches. Or just throw a bunch of fruit in a blender. Your baby will get more nutrients eating your homemade baby food than it will eating jar baby food. Home made food also cuts down on preservatives. So why not make your baby’s food? It is healthier and will save you money.

Use Cloth Diapers

With cloth diapers, you spend money once and they last until your child outgrows them. The beauty with the cloth diapers is you can buy a week’s worth for your baby and wash them in cycles. The diapers can be an investment if you are planning on having another child. The few extra dollars on your water bill will not even come close to the amount you would spend buying disposable diapers.

Share Toys and Clothing with Friends Who Have Children

There is nothing wrong when your infant gets tired of a toy to exchange it with a friend’s baby. This way both families will not have to buy new toys all the time. Also, never turn down somebody who offers you free toys. Many times at birthday parties, babies get an enormous amount of toys as gifts. Many families do not have the storage for all those toys or their children outgrow them. If someone offers you toys, accept their offer. Same thing goes with clothing. Babies can grow out of their clothing at an extremely fast rate. If you know someone whose baby is six months to a year old, I am sure your friend would rather give you hand me downs than donating them to a thrift store. This will save you tons of money.

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